[28] Am 10. Liberia | "The recommendations were to wear a mask whenever you go outside and to keep your distance from other people, and no one objected when it was mandatory to have your temperature taken to go into a school or a hospital or a shop," she told DW. ", Read more: How Japan's mask culture may have saved lives during coronavirus, Send Facebook Twitter google+ Whatsapp Tumblr linkedin stumble Digg reddit Newsvine. Niger | Japan confirms more cases; Japanese Emperor expresses hope for Tokyo Games, Trump says US has everything ‘under control’ as he asks Congress for more money, EU’s Gentiloni says he has ‘full confidence’ In Italian health officials, Turkey, Pakistan close borders with Iran as confirmed cases soar, Global Times says virus may not have originated at Hunan seafood market. So wearing a mask was not a big inconvenience.". Ab dem 3. From what observers can tell, it seems to be working, because Daegu’s streets are abandoned, according to seemingly every report. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. February 23, 2020, 4:42 PM EST Updated on February 24, 2020, 2:34 PM EST ... South Korea and Iran, while Afghanistan, Bahrain and Kuwait all reported their . VK. If legitimate, some signs of panic buying in Milan’s supermarkets.

Tumblr. Oman | Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports that Zhou Dewen, the chairman of the Small and Medium Business Development Association in the city of Wenzhou, believes the coronavirus outbreak is the worst public health crisis he’s seen in his 40 years since China started its economic liberalization.

Bhutan | Facebook. And then there was the Hunan doctor who said he had treated no less than 50 patients with coronavirus on the same day official data reported just one new case. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Guatemala | Usbekistan | Consider this: two days ago, WaPo reporters pointed to a clear case of manipulation where the authorities suppressed the true number of cases. Viber. März zu verschieben. "The consequences of not being safe could be extremely serious.". While the younger boy had recently traveled to Wuhan with his father, authorities have no explanation for how the two brothers in Hokkaido became infected. In the very earliest stages of the global coronavirus pandemic, South Korea appeared to be among the nations that was hardest hit and there were fears that the illness would run unchecked through every sector of society and leave thousands dead, medical institutions at breaking point and the nation on its knees. Residents still recovering from those two powerful storms will have little time to prepare for Haishen. [5] Bis zum 18. Of those, 25 are in intensive care. Nigeria | März veröffentlichte das Koreanische Zentrum für Seuchenkontrolle und -prävention (KCDC) statistische Daten zu den Todesopfern. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. [1] Am 11. ", Read more: South Korea church leader arrested over coronavirus outbreak, © 2020 Deutsche Welle | If they get cancelled, then the world will know: This outbreak is out of control. Attilio Fontana said they tested negative, too. Bolivien |

Myanmar | “The health officials haven’t been yet able to pinpoint Patient Zero,”Angelo Borrelli, head of the national Civil Protection agency, told reporters in Rome. Gabun | [6], Ab dem 19. In fact, he said, it is “the most severe” of any crisis in the 40 years since China embarked on major economic reforms. Yet, the city of Daegu and the Gyeongbuk area have a higher concentration of virus cases – representing 84% of the total number of infections – than other regions. Yesterday, Tel Aviv issued travel warnings for South Korea and Japan (they’ve also barred foreigners who’ve recently been to either country from entering Israel). März 2020 wurden etwa 210.000 Personen in Südkorea getestet. Salomonen | Die erfolgreiche Eindämmung der Coronavirus-Pandemie brachte der Partei von Präsident Moon Stimmgewinne. Nauru | Grönland | Malaysia | Navarro expressed confidence on Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures, saying the “American economy is exceedingly strong and not particularly vulnerable to what happens in China.” He emphasized his goal to bring more of the U.S. supply chain home. Irak | Rumänien | Sir Patrick Vallance said it was “possible” that the UK would start to see “the start of a change in terms of flattening the curve a bit”. If the track of Haishen wobbles farther west, strong onshore winds and heavy rain can once help floodwaters inundate the city. North Korea bans smoking in public places to protect lives, health. Email. Update (1915ET): Austria’s state railroad has halted at least three trains traveling from Italy via the Brenner Pass in response to a rash of virus cases in its southern neighbor, officials said. Compared to other countries, Tsunamis therefore occur rather rarely. The Epoch Times Jennifer Zeng reporting once again that the, Covid19 Real Beast Causing Dangerous Pandemic – Chris Martenson, Iran: Lawmaker Says 50 Have Died From Coronavirus Outbreak In Qom, Sad face of Election 2020: Cities (and the White House) board up and brace for election riots, looting and a drawn-out vote count, BREAKING: California judge — Gov. “The EU has full confidence in the Italian authorities and the decisions they are taking,” he said. Ecuador | Nordkorea | Südsudan | Nepal | Wuhan, the capital of Hubei, reported 615 new cases all by itself. Indien | Jemen | Nordmazedonien | Bernie Sanders has won the Nevada caucus, and coronavirus outbreaks are taking root in a handful of countries outside China, threatening a genuine pandemic and threatening to pop the market’s dismissive bubble by proving unequivocally that this is not ‘just another flu’. Papua-Neuguinea | It’s the first time people under the age of 10 have caught the virus in Japan. Wind gusts in excess of 160 km/h (100 mph) are expected in both of these areas. Turkmenistan | As of Saturday night, typhoon warnings were in place across the Ryukyu Islands and southwestern Kyushu as Haishen began to move over the region. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

According to ABC, three patients in Venice have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, all of them in their late 80s and who are hospitalized in critical condition. Mai wurde bekannt, dass sich im Umfeld eines Nachtclubs im Viertel Itaewon von Seoul ein neuer Infektionsherd gebildet hat. Marokko | Assuming a mortality rate of 2%, that would imply Iran had ~400 cases one month ago when these patients were likely infected. As of Saturday evening, local time, thousands of residents are without power across mainland Japan ahead of the arrival of the main impacts from Haishen. "People in affected areas should not hesitate to evacuate their homes and find shelter, even though they may be worried about becoming infected with the new coronavirus," the official said. And then there was the Hunan doctor who said he had treated no less than 50 patients with coronavirus on the same day official data reported just one new case. Die Shincheonji-Kirche erklärte, dass sie umfassend mit den Behörden kooperieren werde, um die Epidemie einzudämmen, und händigte den Gesundheitsbehörden eine Liste ihrer Mitglieder aus. Facebook. Kap Verde | Schweden |

Lesotho | Commonsense solutions – such as wearing a mask and practicing social distancing – have kept infection rates and fatalities quite low in South Korea. Denmark to cull millions of mink amid COVID-19 fears.

Nearly all of South Korea’s coronavirus cases have been linked to two clusters at a church in southern city of Daegu and a nearby hospital in Cheongdo County – though cases have popped up seemingly without explanation, a phenomenon that is unnerving health officials around the world (Japan has faced a similar problem). The West Pacific tropical season was suspiciously quiet earlier this summer, but has turned active and even record breaking through August and the beginning of September. Arzach | Auch der Schulstart wurde erneut um eine Woche nach hinten verschoben. "People have followed suit because the danger is taken seriously and there is basic trust in the government to protect public health, and that trust has been repaid by an effective test and trace strategy, clear messaging and minimal disruptions to normal life. Nicaragua | Kanada | Somaliland | [8], Bis zum Morgen des 22. “At the same time, my thoughts are with the efforts of those who are treating them and working hard to prevent the spread of the infection. Iran | 25 cases have been isolated in Veneto, and the rest in Lombardy, with authorities still unable to track down the source of the virus. April statt, allerdings unter strengen Schutzmaßnahmen. Prior to the introduction of EISS, it could take as much as 48 hours to obtain and trace the routes and interactions of people infected with the virus. Photo courtesy of the Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere, China bans foreign travelers from Britain, Philippines, Bangladesh. So far, South Korea, a nation of 51.64 million people, has registered over 26,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 461 deaths. No, it was ‘introduced’ to workers at the market via human-to-human transmission via an unknown third party.

Update (2200ET): In a release that was about 4 hours late, China’s Hubei province said it has 398 New Coronavirus Cases As Of Feb 23 and 149 New Coronavirus Deaths. Februar 2020 wurden 283 Infektionsfälle und die ersten beiden durch das Virus in Südkorea verursachten Todesfälle registriert. April 2020. Bars und Clubs mussten darauf wieder auf unbestimmte Zeit schließen. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. ", "But maybe there were some traditional attitudes on show," she added. [31], Bestätigte Infektionen und als geheilt Entlassene in Südkorea (kumuliert)nach Daten des KCDC[32], Todesfälle in Südkorea (kumuliert)nach Daten des KCDC[33], In Südkorea gibt es Apps und Websites, die vor Orten warnen, an denen sich die Infizierten nachweislich (mit ihrem Smartphone) aufgehalten haben. Kuwait | Gibraltar | Ahead of the arrival of Typhoon Haishen, the search and rescue mission for missing sailors in the East China Sea has been temporarily suspended. Widespread flooding across North Korea and China could lead to significant agricultural impacts and crop loss as the storm eyes these regions into the beginning of the week. Immediately the scale of the problem became apparent, health authorities created a highly automated system that was named the Epidemiological Investigation Support System (EISS) and operates on data collected from credit card usage and smartphones.

Update (2015 ET): The epidemic in South Korea is accelerating exponentially, with the country reporting 161 additional virus cases, bringing the total of 763, a 25-fold increase in cases in one week, along with two more deaths bringing the death toll there to seven. Litauen | After that initial error of judgement, however, the "system" swung into action and has worked fairly well, he told DW. Von den Infizierten gehörten 2698 (56,1 %) der Shincheonji-Sekte an. Kambodscha | As Beijing begins to push a narrative blaming the US for the outbreak (we know, we know), Chinese propaganda is already sowing the seeds of doubt. Before we go, we’d like to point out one interesting piece that we found in the Global Times – literally the most unlikeliest of places. An AccuWeather Local StormMax wind gust of 150 mph is possible and most likely across the northern Ryukyu Islands or the southern coast of Kyushu, dependent on the final track of Haishen. | Mobile version, South Korea appeared to be among the nations that was hardest hit, Coronavirus bounces back to threaten South Korea's health system, How Japan's mask culture may have saved lives during coronavirus, South Korea pushes ahead with flu vaccine despite concerns over deaths, South Korea's soaring suicide, self-harm rates pinned on pandemic, South Korea church leader arrested over coronavirus outbreak.

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