ACE: Th-that shocked me…! **All translations are for personal use only so please don't re-upload or share anywhere else. Join the community.

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Ok! I got caught up in his story, but we’re here for the audition, remember? Twisted Wonderland is the newest show from the Untouched stable. And since I am known for being an absolute neat freak, here lies a compilation of all the names, heights, ages, and dorms of every single named character in Twisted Wonderland. Into Disney Twisted Wonderland? Acoustical liberation of books in the public domain. I should be more free after next week aaaaaa Hopefully I can sort things out for Beans Azul. Posts; Archive; I honestly wanna apologize to people who followed me for twst translations;;; I’m really just swamped with assignments.

( Log Out /  To him, dandelions were not merely flowers, but also something that could sustain his life.ROOK: Thus, I refer to him as Monsieur Dandelion.ACE: Ruggie-senpai ate dandelions?! Is it because his hair is yellow and fluffy?ROOK: Non-non, it is much more complex than that.ROOK: Yes, I remember it vividly—It was around the time that the spring was blowing its gentle breath around the school last year. !ACE: How do you know our heights, too! Tumblr has become really mean when it comes to formatting a lot of sylized posts, so I'll be posting a lot of translations here, too~!

I love how he’s just unapologetic about himself XD But then again, they’re all bound to do something shady soon enough, so… O_O, Also, the reason for Ruggie’s nickname is pretty cute, but also very sad at the same time… T^T, ※ Please don’t re-post these translations anywhere without permission. Your height is 172cm…ROOK: And you are Deuce Spade from Class 1-A as well. I am Rook Hunt from Pomefiore.ROOK: I saw you doing something rather interesting, so I called out to you.RUGGIE: Interesting… I was just plucking some dandelions.ROOK: And what do you plan to do with all of those dandelions?RUGGIE: I’m gonna eat them, what else?ROOK: Come again?

Your voice is wonderful as well.ROOK: I have not seen a lion sing and roar with the sunset as the background, but I can just imagine how intense that would be.LEONA: As if I’d participate in something like that. ( Log Out /  RUGGIE: Alright, this should be more than enough. And here’s Episode 5-12~! Aera here!

Hubberts BridgeBostonLincolnshireUnited KingdomOffice +44 1205 290 765Mobile +44 7983 290765Email, Oryx World Business CentreEmpire HeightsPodium 3Business BayDubai 123584United Arab EmiratesOffice +971 446 2011WhatsApp +971 50 551 3479. Greeted by a half rabbit half prisoner on a leash being led by a crazy Alice is just the begining. Change ). I just do some Twisted Wonderland tls here when I have the chance. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. DEUCE: Monsieur Dandelion…?ROOK: Fufufu~ Why, it is none other than our Beastly Gentleman’s one and only confidant Ruggie-kun.GRIM: But why a dandelion? Joker Kingslore, Mary Hawkthorn, Hazel Hawkthorn, Hershey Reese. View All Posts. ROOK: Hahaha, did I shock you?

!DEUCE: Oh, yeah! really different… really Twisted. ACE: (gasps)…! From the first step into the venue you know something is different…. Apr 2, 2015 - Take your next party, holiday, or company event to new heights with balloon decor! Posted on September 14, 2020 by kanadesmusings. Guys, I just– I love Rook so much. ⋆ vivi’s twst shitpost and brainrot dump ⋆ Leona and Vil shrine ⋆ my not-so respectable side ⋆ main: @vivianvivvia⋆ Lets take a trip down the rabbit hole where things get really strange !!. There is no limit to how many OCs one person can send, but please don’t absolutely spam me with them, Ace Trapolla - 16 - 172cm | 5’7” - 23 September - Heartslabuyl, Azul Ashengrotto - 17 - 176cm | 5’9” - 24 February - Octavinelle, Cater Diamond - 18 - 176cm | 5’9” - 4 February - Heartslabuyl, Deuce Spade - 16 - 173cm| 5’8” - 3 June - Heartslabuyl, Epel Filmier - 16 - 156cm | 5’1” - 6 May - Pomefiore, Floyd Leech - 17 - 191cm | 6’3” - 5 November - Octavinelle, Idia Shroud - 18 - 183cm | 6’ - 18 December - Ignihyde, Jack Howl - 16 - 192cm | 6’3” - 11 October - Savanaclaw, Jade Leech - 17 - 190cm | 6’2” - 5 November - Octavinelle, Jamil Viper - 17 - 175cm | 5’8” - 12 September - Scarabia, Kalim Al-Asim - 17 - 168cm | 5’6” - 25 June - Scarabia, Leona Kingscholar - 20 - 185cm | 6’ - 27 July - Savanaclaw, Lilia Vanrouge - 500+ - 158cm | 5’2” - 1 January - Diasomnia, Malleus Draconia - ? It is another bad habit of mine to get carried away with stories, see?ROOK: You boys are from Heartslabyul—ROOK: Ace Trappola from Class 1-A, seat number 25. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Browse the user profile and get inspired. Skip to content. Likes and reblogs are appreciated.※ Re-translations are okay, but with credit, please ^^. !LEONA: That guy’s really fine with anything, huh…LEONA: Has he been feeding me that stuff, too…?ROOK: Non-non, it is not poisonous. And here’s Episode 5-12~!

I have to get these back before they start wilting.ROOK: Bonjour, Monsieur!RUGGIE: Wha—?! YUU: For what purpose exactly…?YUU: (This school is so full of weirdos…). Your seat number is 24 and your height is 173cm.ROOK: Lastly, we have Ramshackle Dorm’s Prefect, Yuu, and the mysterious being Grim-kun who stands at 70cm.DEUCE: Eh? Or Ryota from those who follow me on Tumblr~! Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The Untouched team will transform your venue into a Twisted Wonderland complete with huge inflatable mushrooms and flowers to lazers and video graphics for the TVs and LED screens. Twisted Wonderland is the newest show from the Untouched stable. really different… really Twisted. ** My entire life’s motto is to aim for beauty and to protect it. That annoying Vil is there, too, so no.LEONA: Not in this lifetime.ROOK: Vil who possesses wholesome beauty, and Leona-kun who sports a wild grace!ROOK: Seeing you two perform together would be a wonderful sight!ROOK: Two wildly contrasting beauties…! LEONA: Tsk… There’s the weirdo…ROOK: Goodness me, if it isn’t the Beastly Gentleman.

Check out Kurinagi's art on DeviantArt. Plus, he is so enjoyable to listen to~!

about; forum; contact; help; Twitter; rss Most of the characters DO NOT BELONG TO ME! This complete venue transformation creates the perfect scene for a awsome night.For more information and available booking dates give us a call.

How do you know all of that…?

I don’t really have time to deal with you, so please leave me be. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. - 148cm | 4’10” - 14 August - Ignihyde, Riddle Rosehearts - 17 - 160cm | 5’2” - 24 August - Heartslabuyl, Rook Hunt - 18 - 177cm | 5’9” - 2 December - Pomefiore, Ruggie Bucchi - 17 - 171cm | 5’7” - 18 August - Savanaclaw, Sebek Zigvolt - 16 - 188cm | 6’2” - 17 March - Diasomnia, Silver - 17 - 176cm | 5’9” - 15 May - Diasomnia, Trey Clover - 18 - 181cm | 5’11” - 25 October - Heartslabuyl, Vil Schoenheit - 18 - 183cm | 6’ - 9 April - Pomefiore, Hershey Reese - 16 - 175cm | 5’9” - 25 December - Sweetistic, Joker Kingslore - 17 - 169cm | 5’6” - 4 August - Heartslabuyl, Mary Hawkthorn - 24 - 176cm | 5’9” - 25 July - Teacher Aid, Hazel Hawkthorn - 15 - 175cm | 5’8” - 12 May - Teacher Aid. I shall also have a section for OCs, so if you wanna have yours in here, just send me a link to their bio and I’ll add them! Do not judge things so easily now, Gentleman.GRIM: Are dandelions delicious? ROOK: And there you have it! ?ROOK: Fufufu, as a hunter, it is but simple information to obtain.ROOK: It will be troublesome if I left it for later now, would it not? From the first step into the venue you know something is different….

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