Looks like im posting pretty late, lol Accepted March 12th into UBC Van for sciences Av 93%I don't think my personal profile was super strong compared to some of my friends (who got accepted way before I did), however I do think it was one of the reasons I got accepted so fast.

min-height:90px; Also, did you see a status change before you got accepted from "Thank you…" to "Your application is currently being reviewed and evaluated.."? I guess tomorrow will be another faculty. display:none; I just got accepted into science today! so, it would make sense that it will be stuck on that status until they release a decision (anywhere from 1-2 months)! I have been stuck on that status for more than a week now! max-width: 1170px; UBC Science Applied Sept accepted March 594 average, UBC Sauder Applied: January 15th Accepted: March 1st Top 6: 96 Applied from Ontario, I'd love to hear the answer to the above question as well! Explore 14 different engineering disciplines. My average was 92% and I got in on May 11.While I was waiting for UBC's decision, I felt very stressed out and cried a lot. Also in my personal profile I have talked about my years spent in Air Cadets, developing skills there, and general volunteering. IMHO, pretty good. Together, we can hope for the best! Ever since April 13 (which was Friday the 13th) I've been thinking about it everyday and it has made me extremely anxious and afraid because I really want to go to UBC The thought of being rejected or not being admitted makes me feel depressed.

hope to see y'all there, Program: SauderApplied: Nov 30, 2017Accepted: March 5, 2018First Term Average: 96Applied from Ontario, I’ve still got a week or so to wait then. Do you guys think if I got waitlisted for sauder and my average was 93% and pretty strong pp will I get accepted to my second choice as arts??

I have 90.25% and I am still waiting for UBC Sciences. margin:10px auto; The grades I posted above are with the boost included and how they appear on my UBC high school records.My personal profile was pretty good and directly linked to something that both my references could strongly talk about. I'm a first year student at UBC Sauder and I was waitlisted for 6 weeks last year. } When did you self report? I am in the exact same situation as you. } color: #3894bc; I just got in to arts! UBC Engineering offers 14 undergraduate programs leading to the Bachelor of Applied Science degree. my status is still "thank you for self reporting your grades…" i self reported 2 weeks ago is anyone else's still like this?

For my pp, I ended up talking about my challenges with AP physics, and how I learned life skills from it which compensated for my lower physics grade. Students interested in this option must follow the UBC admissions procedure.

Thanks for replying. padding: 0 10px; } display: inline-block; I KNOW YOU'LL HEAR BACK FROM UBC SOON , This is so sweet. border-radius: 50%; Just accepted today  Applied Jan. 15th 2018Self-report Mar. padding: 10px; Faculty: Sauder Commerce Is there is a date on your profile that says when you'll get an offer by? I feel like one day was applied science, then Sauder, then the next day was arts? No problem :)UBC is a gorgeous campus, just overall. How long did your status on your ssc read “reviewing and evaluating” for before you were accepted. Applied from Ontario: Average: 96% Fair Amounts ofUBC Sauder cares more about academics, Just got accepted on April 6 to UBCO management. (This is just an educated guess, I am NOT sure if this is how it goes). Justin – good luck! Accepted today into the faculty of science! We will be in touch with you by email should we require additional information. That would make a lot of sense, I'll try to be patient. text-align: center; Is it possible to get into UBC now with a 90% from the waitlist. display:none; It's rolling admissions.

margin:10px 0; I got into UVIC SFU and Western so far but UBC is my top . I personally applied Nov. 30th for the Sciences.

Sorry, you do not have a permission to answer to this question. You’re right anon. If you are admitted, we will notify you immediately." The trees and landscaping are absolutely exquisite, especially in the late fall and early spring. From program comparisons to admission requirements to residence reviews—get real answers from real Canadian students. margin:10px auto; I self reported on the very first day and my ssc has never been updated since. Please let us know if you have received an offer or if you have heard of anyone else receiving an offer. margin-left: 15px; I already got accepted to UT, but I would rather go to UBC instead since it's closer. } .alert-box { I am applying to Nursing at UBCO. I'm just wondering what my chances for UBCV applied science with these marks. We will now review your full academic profile alongside your personal profile and will provide you with an admissions decision as soon as possible." How long did your status on your ssc read “reviewing and evaluating” for before you were accepted. width: 35px; Known worldwide and across Canada for its leadership in educational excellence, the University of British Columbia (UBC) is big, bold and one of our country’s most prestigious research and teaching institutions. I guess Sciences will be last – probably on Friday. width: 90%; This is again all based on my personal knowledge and opinion but you should have a good chance if you have a GOOD personal profile. padding: 0; ]]>*/, Placement to a specialization is based on your first-year grades and a personal statement that is submitted towards the end of first-year.

Hopefully we can get in, good luck sir! .alert-content .alert-message { padding: 0; UBC was my first choice and was also the final school to hear back from so it was a very nerve-wrecking time for me. Don't give up hope! } Kinesiology. Sorry for anyone who had thought they got in, stay hopeful there’s still time!! Hi guys. @media only screen and (min-width: 768px) { Most of my extracurriculars involved leadership positions. padding: 10px; Just two more days to go!

.alert-box { .alert-icon { My EC are ok but I put down 5+ years of competitive soccer, debate club, alpine ski racing, gold medal in soccer tournament and math stewarding (math tutor), Accepted to UBC Sauder Applied: January 15th Accepted: March 5th  Top 6: 94.1 Applied from Ontario, Accepted today!! UBC 2nd year Science student - ask me anything! (This is just what I think has happened)P.S- I already got admitted and also got that email as well, and it says that I’ve accepted my offer, but when I go onto the SSC, it’s still says “accept or decline”, so yeah it’s kind of confusing me as well, Guys I phoned UBC, they said the email was a mistake, and they don’t know how many people the email got sent to. margin:10px 0; I got accepted to sciences yesterday too! yeah, they sent me a congratulations email.

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