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There was this little mantra he would say, just quietly enough that nobody really knew what he was saying. Have a chapter <3, The softe kinda jumped out in this one idk. 30. Tag List. The concept of taking things slow was foreign to Klaus. “So, I made a reservation for us at a really nice restaurant.”, Really, Dave had no choice but to smile back as he placed his hands on Klaus’ hips.

Klaus later realized it was in Hebrew, so it wasn’t like they’d be able to understand it anyway. And Five succeeded... in a fashion. Let’s just hope he doesn’t stutter when it counts. It’s this one. The suit hanging in his closet seemed to glow in the morning light. Even waking up in an empty bed wasn’t enough to put a damper on Diego’s spirits because that cooled space next to him meant that it was happening. Originally posted by i-seeaspaceshipinthe-sky.

Facebook Share on linkedin. Thank you very much, https://archiveofourown.org/works/19402156/chapters/46172257#workskin, https://archiveofourown.org/works/18818680/chapters/44655043#workskin, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the UmbrellaAcademy community. It was like…, Klaus decides to take Dave out on their first date since Dave arrived in the present, but it doesn’t go exactly as planned.-OR-Klaus balled his hands up in his pockets and frowned at the pavement. And by people, he meant Dave. You may be looking for the Séance from the Dark Horse comics. No, of course not.”, CW: Internalized homophobia, insects, food, implied/referenced alcohol abuse, This is a birthday fic for @princejoopie​! Normal, Happy Family ~ WC: 1,027 ~ The Hargreeves children play in the rain like a normal, happy family.Super fluffy—barely any angst. <3, I hope Pride Month is treating y’all well! By some miracle, he made even the heat of their battles calm down a bit. Happy pride month eve, everyone. Individual siblings and headcanons below the cut! 0. If you want to read the version that isn’t fade to black, it’s linked in the author’s note.

“Get the fuck up, Diego!” Of course it was Klaus. The Umbrella Academy, now available on Netflix, is about a dysfunctional family of superheroes — The Monocle, Spaceboy, The Kraken, The Rumor, The Séance, Number Five, The Horror, and The White Violin — who work together to solve their father’s mysterious death. Usually, it would be fun to people watch, but Klaus just wanted to do more people and less watching. “What’s happening?” Dave eyed the group before him with the same suspicion a sibling would have when randomly presented with a gift. He only had so much time before his family invaded his room to coordinate the final touches of their outfits, so he’d better get started. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The Umbrella Academy, now available on Netflix, is about a dysfunctional family of superheroes — The Monocle, Spaceboy, The Kraken, The Rumor, The Séance, Number Five, The Horror, and The White Violin — who work together to solve their father’s mysterious death. Then again, nowhere with Dave could be called Hell. I needed to dress up for our date.”, Dave set his book down in his lap with a slight frown. “Alright. “Angel, what are you wearing?”, “What, this old thing?” Klaus looked down at his combination of a skirt, a crop top, and lots of necklaces, then back up at Dave with a wide smile. umbrella academy fanfiction klaus panic attack. That didn’t matter, though. The Umbrella Academy has become a quick fan favorite Netflix show. Based on the Dark Horse comic series by My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way, this subreddit is for discussions, pictures, drawings, cosplays, news and anything else to do with the Umbrella Academy. Jesus, you’ll wake up the whole hotel.”. I remember it was in ao3. Ko-fi. Five had just returned and found dvds of the show. He got out of bed and pulled open the curtains. Twitter Share on email. With a deep breath, he began to take it off the hanger.

At the beginning of season 2, the Hargreeves kids end up scattered across several years of the 1960s. Oh Klaus, did you try too hard only to have it go so terribly wrong again? Main Writing Masterlist.

“Fine,” he eventually said. “Huh?” Suddenly Dave’s sapphire blue eyes and lopsided smile filled his vision and snapped him out of whatever daydream he was sucked into. Happy birthday, I love you <333, “Dave!” Klaus practically jumped into the room and ended up hanging off the door jamb as he kept talking. By Richard Gansey Apr 13, 2019. Press J to jump to the feed.

What does Klaus' cult in The Umbrella Academy actually believe?

Have some Gay Shit™, Chapter 7: Put Your Sweet Lips on My Lips, Just a head’s up, this chapter does have a fade to black ~spicy~ scene.

Klaus from Netflix's Umbrella Academy is a fan favorite for his charm and tragic life. Diego and Klaus decide to take Dave out for the night. ; Catapulting Out of the Closet ~ WC: 511 ~ Klaus and Diego decide to come out to the world. And that sound, be it imagined or not, comforted him enough that he could remember how to fire his gun. If not, I totally understand! “I won’t.”-OR-In attempting to find more information on his brother’s death, Klaus Hargreeves gets caught up in a lot of trouble with some very powerful people. So its a ”characters watch the show” fic Please help im desperate, https://archiveofourown.org/works/18214340/chapters/43090316, Guess what? The serenity shattered when there were sudden knocks on his door. The day that Diego’s been waiting for has finally arrived. “Don’t worry babe,” Klaus grinned. “I’m awake! WhatsApp Share on facebook. “Oh, sweetheart, you didn’t have to do that. Special thanks to @tua-gifs​ for letting me use this gif!

LinkedIn Share on twitter. Too soon, Dave pulled away and sat back into the circle they were all in on the damp jungle floor. In which Klaus can’t figure out whether Dave is gay or if he’s just really uncomfortable. “I have a surprise for you!”, Dave looked up from his book, his confused look only growing as he got a good look at his partner.

The way the combination of glitter and bold makeup danced around on his face was something Dave never could have imagined in the wildest of his dreams.

This article is about Klaus Hargreeves from the Netflix series. Share on whatsapp. (Nothing severe, but just in case). Share Share Tweet Email. Comment. I love eating in with you, we don’t have to go out.”, “Yeah,” Klaus sighed, “but this is special.

playlist + 100% requests open! Diego smiled and shook his head, turning back to the closet. The sunlight warmed his muscles as he stretched, his fingers brushing over his skin.

When are we leaving?”, Klaus’ face broke out into a grin.

Here is everything you need to know about this comic hero.

art always reblogged :), Thorough vetting of any boy that even thinks about looking at Vanya after Leonard happens, Vanya looks behind her while she’s on a date and sees Klaus and Diego 3 booths away in fedoras and trench coats, quickly using the menus to hides their faces, Luther has a habit of standing in front of Five during a fight because he looks younger, despite being biologically older, Diego often switches out Five’s margaritas for virgin versions for the same reason, Vanya once accidentally burned herself with a flat iron and had the whole Academy busting down her door .5 seconds later, When they were kids, Luther once brutally attacked a villain for poking fun at Diego’s stutter, Klaus once got into a bar fight because some dude made fun of Dolores, Vanya develops claustrophobia after regaining her memories of being locked away, After she wakes up from a nightmare of being trapped in a small space, Vanya is whisked away by Allison to Central Park, where they walk for hours in the open air, Whenever it starts raining suddenly everyone rushes to ask Vanya if she is feeling alright, When they were kids, Klaus would hold Ben tightly all night after he was forced to use his powers to kill, Catch all of the siblings in the front row for any of Vanya’s shows, They all wear watching shirts with her face on it. Pretend this was intended to be a good Halloween post and not that I was being gross and the timing for me to post it was a lucky coincidence . Which was par for the course, given he was in a foreign country in a foreign time period surrounded by people with foreign ideas. The air was light and crisp and fresh and everything it wasn’t just a few years before. Chapter 3!!!

Sometimes, Klaus could swear he could hear it over the gunshots, the helicopters, the explosions, the screams. “I’m taking you out to dinner, Davey. “Well good!” He could hear a giggle and the uneven footstep pattern that always followed Klaus whenever he tried to skip. Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6 (End). “—that we haven’t gone on a date since you got here, and I really want to treat my beau to something special.” He ended his sentence with a kiss on Dave’s nose and a smile. He reached out and touched the fabric, which was warm and inviting. 0. rd. “What do you mean?”, “I mean—” Klaus stretched the word out as he slinked into the room to sit on Dave’s lap.

There was a stretch of silence. Dave Katz: the first thing his eyes landed on when he popped into the Hell on Earth that was the Vietnam War. Please read the beginning note for a quick content warning! overprotective things the umbrella academy has 100% done Thorough vetting of any boy that even thinks about looking at Vanya after Leonard happens Vanya looks behind her while she’s on a date and sees Klaus and Diego 3 booths away in fedoras and trench coats, quickly using the menus to hides their faces I want to go out with you.”, Dave held his gaze for a moment before leaning forward and pressing a kiss to Klaus’ lips.

“As soon as you get dressed.”, The Boy with the Stutter — Chapter 6 (End). “Did I do something wrong?” he asked quietly, too scared of what the answer may be to speak up.“What?

At the end of The Umbrella Academy's debut season on Netflix, Number Five was forced to time travel with his siblings to give them all one last chance at stopping the apocalypse. “Don’t get yourself killed.”Klaus grinned. :D; The Concerto of Seven Colors ~ WC: 1,844 ~ 7 siblings, 7 colors of the rainbow.

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