Ultra Shield SMALL ADULT TOTAL SUPPORT Seat and Cover. [subscribers_only]. Kirkey 34 Series Child Adjustable Containment Seat and Cover---14 Inch.
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Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. Hip area measures 15" wide and shoulder area measures 19" wide.... News and Resources for the Race and Performance Industry, NEW Custom Sparco EVO II / Starwood Performance Seat. CRASH PAD: It’s as simple as this, “Pad your butt to save your back and neck!”. $412.95. and That started my big push to figure out how to make seats stronger and to protect drivers better. I had no back or neck pain at any time! Certainly, head injuries and related affected areas are our main concern and history shows that this, by far, presents the greatest likelihood of catastrophic injury in auto racing. Sold my race car, don't need this anymore. Ultra Shield JUNIOR VS Halo Full Containment Seat and Cover.

WE HAVE THE LARGEST SELECTION OF USED SFI FULL CONTAINMENT RACE SEATS IN THE COUNTRY! We will notify you of any important changes or activity on your favorite listings. The user assumes that risk. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

Free shipping.

“Previous seats held the hips and the ribs, but they didn’t support the head and the neck. ... Kirkey 70 Series Full Containment 20 Degree Layback Racing Seat, Black, 14 Inch. View a list of authorized JOS dealers & distributors that are trained to measure you for your custom racing seats.

The Crash Pad seat insert uses “The Right Stuff” to absorb... Bought new in 2008 for $1700, used for 1 racing season. I55 to watch the races, Randy Lajoie had his seat display and HANS devices displayed, I met Johnny Love and he fitted me for a LaJoie seat and a HANS device. Do Not Sell My Personal Information, World's #1 Racing & Performance Classifieds. Includes driver custom foam insert. Aluminum Seats, Race Seats, Tearoffs, Seat Belts, Harness, Arm Restraints, Window Nets, Racing Safety, Safety, Nets, Seats, SFI, Circle Track, Road Race, Hot Rod, Jet Boat, Sprint Car, Late Model, Modified, Dwarf, Legend, Mini Sprint, Micro Sprint, Drag R. Halloween is right around the corner. Most include significant padding to offer additional protection and aid in the user’s comfort. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the Lajoie seat - built 2016 - $2,500. Kirkey 34 Series Child Adjustable Containment Seat and Cover---12 Inch.

For more information on cookies and our privacy policy, please click "About > Privacy Policy" above. 71 Series - Standard 20º Road Race Containment Seat.

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$509.00. 58LW Series - Lightweight 20º Layback Seat.

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Package deal $1500 gets you both! Brand new in the box Custom Sparco EVO II seat from Starwood Perfomance Sparco's most popular seat at a very big... HAND SANITIZER, GLOVES, THERMOMETERS, MASKS (KN95 AND 3-LAYERED) AND MORE NOW AVAILABLE, $100 PER SNEEZE SHIELD - CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE. As a seat designer and manufacturer, we try to keep aware of any emerging trends that may appear when looking at auto racing injuries or deaths.

We carry race car seats in various colors and sizes, including youth and big boy seats, plus covers, restraint kits, head supports, and more. 70 Series Kit- Standard 20º Layback Containment Seat with Black Cover. “They said: ‘Your seat does very well compared to the others,’ but I realized I needed to make my seats stronger. Will take offers. Let us TREAT you to free shipping on orders over $99 with PROMO CODE BOO . Privacy Policy, - “After Dale (Earnhardt) Sr. passed away, NASCAR spent a lot of money looking into it too.

By continuing to visit this site, you accept the use of cookies by Google Analytics for statistical purposes. The seat bent a little but kept the packed mud from completely pushing him down when it hit. Kirkey 70 Series Standard 20 Degree Layback Containment Seat and Cover---14 Inch. and seat fits comfortably.

Most comfortable racing seat I have sat in, thought I was sitting in a lazy boy in front of the TV, haha.
You can opt-out Randy LaJoie, Joie of Seating: “My first recollection of a containment seat was a seat that my father purchased from Mark Donohue in 1972.

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We stock a large variety of circle track racing seats for sale in our Kirkey and Ultrashield brands. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the

Ultra Shield Pro Circle Track Seat. shipping can be... Posted 9 days ago $750. Built with new series regulations, and legal for all national NASCAR series, and obviously lower/regional series. Some are made of carbon fiber, and others are a combination of carbon fiber and some other compound, such as Kevlar.

It will keep you safe and secure. $619.95. Ultra Shield Pro Circle Track Seat.

I started racing again in 2010 in a new Bob Pierce Modified, raced all season, had no problems, felt very secure with the seat and the HANS device. $509.00. Now containment seats have been very popular for about the last six years.

Around 1994 through 1996, Tom Gideon from Chevy and Steve Peterson from NASCAR put some cameras in cars and saw how much movement drivers had during a wreck during tests with dummies. In layman’s terms, a containment seat is a purpose-built, custom-fit seat that wraps around a driver’s body to keep it from moving in the case of an accident. Have huge following? $509.00.

Package deal $1500 gets you both! Kirkey 70 Series Standard 20 Degree Layback Containment … I had to have a knee operation. “A little known factoid is that we actually started to prototype some very basic designs for full-containment seating way back in 1989, as these injuries have been a part of auto racing in general for generations. Browse Ultrashield and Kirkey seats for sale below.

I did not race any of 2008, and three nights of 2009.

We did not wait for Earnhardt’s death to start taking action.

My name is Steve Grotz, I live in Quincy, Ill. $412.95.

Cookie Policy At first it was hard to get racers to go toward that due to the additional cost. Cool Shirt Next Generation.

Cover is in good condition, one snap button broke on cover. The best of the best in what you do?

So very few people know that we actually had two full-containment seats in that very Daytona 500 where Dale Earnhardt was lost.

“Containment seats are much stronger than older seats.

Ultra Shield 16" 20 Degree Economy Full Containment Racing Seat w/ Black Cover.

The year 2000 deaths of Kenny Irwin Jr., Adam Petty and Tony Roper as a result of much the same type of head injury had set the wheels in motion for us at ButlerBuilt, knowing that immediate action was necessary to decrease the likelihood of these events reoccurring. 65 Series Kit - Adjustable Layback Road Race Containment Seat with Black Cover. This was from a crash in Western Australia that he had, pinned him in the car upside down, helmet twisted, hans twisted across his neck, but I believe if that seat had not held him it would have been another outcome for him. 78 Series Kit - SFI 39.2 Late Model Deluxe 18º Layback Containment Seat & Black .

Was: $585.35.

The tips & advice on safety you gave me was very valuable! Do Not Sell My Personal Information, World's #1 Racing & Performance Classifieds, Private Seller It has a high back to offer added protection to the head, neck and back in an effort to cut down on head and spinal-cord injuries. It offered some shoulder and head containment. Watch.

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