Find the best missions to farm relics. One Void Relic at a time per player can be equipped for use in a Void Fissure mission, with a Void Relic selection screen appearing upon selecting a Void Fissure mission that allows a player to choose the desired Void Relic before starting.

If the Void Relic is cracked and the mission successfully completed, each of the players' equipped relics will display one of the potential rewards from their relic's rewards table, with each player's reward being independent of their teammate's rewards depending on their equipped relic and drop chance.

Fixed a per-frame spot-load hitch in the lobby after a teammate had selected a Relic. It shows all owned Relics and the potential rewards of the selected Relic. Yep, everyhing anyone might need is on Wiki. Baro Ki'Teer will occasionally sell relics containing exclusive (e.g. I see through the wikia that weapons and primes are listed but not relics, any help? Use warframe relik explorer ;) Really cool site, you Can find it on google, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Relics are pretty much worthlessSay that to the people who were selling the Ember Prime relic during her LAST unvaulting (Axi E1, was it?) Changed the Relic Manager menu "sort by Rank" to "sort by Refinement". Tweaked the alpha of the Unowned Relic grid to 40% from 25% to increase differentiation between owned / unowned. Codex Relic search now also searches Relic contents. Void Relics are Orokin objects that can be opened to reveal valuable treasure enclosed within by completing Void Fissure missions. Update 25.1

Though these relics are not "vaulted" in the usual sense, Baro's stock changes every time he appears such that any given one of his items may be unavailable for months at a time.

Fixed ability to choose any Relic type on any Void Fissure mission by queueing with squad. Fixed an issue with Clients not properly receiving their Void Trace bonus when their Void Relic reward. Note that Kuva Flood and Kuva Siphon missions will drop a relic even if the Kuva Siphon is not destroyed. Fixed a Vaulted Relic being rewarded as Daily Tribute. Hovering over the Rarity bars in the Relic Reward choice screen will now show a tooltip indicating the Rarity (Common/Uncommon/Rare). And during an "unvaulting" you can farm up vaulted relics for the specific items that were unvaulted - right now you can get vaulted relics for Rhino and Nyx prime and their associated weapons.

It seems that Relics added for un-Vaultings (currently relevant for Frost Prime, Mag Prime, Ember Prime, and Rhino Prime, plus their accompanying weapons) do not appear in the Codex unless you have them in your inventory. All players with a relic equipped can then choose which of the up to four rewards on offer they want to keep — either the one from their own relic or one from those of the other players.

Q: What Prime Access items will be Unvaulted next?

Fixed the Relic tab reverting back to ‘All’ after Refining a Relic in a different tab (Meso, Axi, etc).

For example if you want to know all non-vaulted Lith relics, you can. Also added ‘Common’, ‘Uncommon’, ‘Rare’ tooltips over rarity icons. Fixed Relics not being consumed for Clients who disconnect on the Fissure reward selection screen.

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