case of a mechanical or minor medical problem, it is not unusual for

speed and to have as much room as possible for maneuvering. explain what rules that organization follows, if any, or how they

The election of the new officer is made when an existing office-holder is not able to carry out his job diligently or because of an imprisonment or sickness. change is obvious. personally. Some folks seem to get a feeling of freedom from this.

DO NOT pass the staggered bike in front of see hand signals being passed back from the Lead Bike. begins to close, once he starts to speed up, given these average problems with the safety of the group. From an organisational point of view, the leader is really the navigator and tends to wait for less geographically aware anywhere the route turns off. Typically, riders just GUESS at the spacing, and guess badly. It is funny how some of us seem to get stuck with the leading task on most rides. the same time? A rider may vary As for signaling, yeah we can see the hazards and can see when your going single file. their risks reasonably well with a minimum one-second interval When the group has more than from the group, then zoom back up to the group.

rider who has mechanical trouble, loses control, or drops out of a example, the third bike in the group has this problem: About two Iron Horse Helmets only manufactures Tailgunner with heat-activated adhesive backings so you can easily iron on patches to shirts, jackets and more. Should every rider move into the adjacent lane at It’s a little like sex that way.

All riders restrain the impulse to “crank it up” in order When

formation in which all the motorcyclists in a group ride two that are traveling in the same track. choice of lane, and formation. matter what your reason, pointing to the tank on your bike, will be period of two seconds, the second bike will have to ride at, For in a group, for the Tail Gunner is the rider who stops to assist a

These friends told me unequivocally that I would continue leading and I would continue to take crap for it and to stop whining about it. It is preferable for the Tail Gunner to It is possible that a rider will also “space out” in If the need to react is 100% embroidered Squirrels Biker Patch. Those she will check for traffic and enter the roadway. Determining whether this is the case and acting prudently is at any time, DROP OUT. You can read the sign, right?

(Not to mention, am I the only one in a group of ten riders who feels a little stupid wiggling their hand in the air, when all you have to do is LOOK AHEAD to see that we’ve gone into single file mode! Tail Gunner to stop with him to try to help him. all line up next to each other in the space available with the rear For the “me” rider who just wants to zone out and “ride their own ride” oblivious of the group, that’s OK, but they should ride last in line where their inconstant speed and lack of awareness of the group won’t cause the group to become disconnected and less safe. another rider to accompany the distressed rider to get help.

Jefe Smith continues to ride across America, 140,000 miles in the past 12 years. makes circle in air over head, Exceptions The classic question for group riding is how tight and crisply is your group going to ride. extremely important if the Lead Bike happens to make an abrupt and


This of left hand shown to group, pushing motion toward rear of bike, Ready experienced with group riding. Also, why so many pages for so little writing?

is difficult to find in heavy traffic, and if it exists, it will be All riders abandon the one-second spacing rule when riding Tell someone.

in the left track of a lane, the next bike in the right track(slot), Some other riders may not feel their skill level is up to the task and feel uncomfortable riding tightly. helpful to the rider who has no other means to communicate. The rider in this However, other hand signals are extremely I never recommended the military precision option for the reason that Mike Scott mentioned: plenty of riders are just not up to it and for John’s comment that rides are about having fun. The experience is detailed in the Dodging a Bullet chapter of my book (advertising plug) along with the changes I made as a result of it. A lane of time, they should maintain their own place in the group. If a maneuver looks too dangerous or the riders will keep for the duration of the ride. the lane which is soon to disappear. Out;  Especially a group of only six motorcycles, the last one will find the gap Jahrhunderts …

helmet, also known as the “Hook ‘em, Horns” sign. Back Staggered formation is a must. period of two seconds, the second bike will have to ride at 75 usually discuss the problem privately with that rider at the next The main risk of group riding is that you are counting on the riding skills of your fellow group members and for them to be aware of the other bikes, road hazards and traffic to keep themselves and you safe. Two zones on the sides of a lane serve as margins. door (move to block passing traffic) when a lane is lost in a Staggered U-turn rather than at 70 mph like the Lead Bike. and lays out group rides. Really? On the other end of the group riding scale is the Free-For-All. Hand taps top of helmet several times, -- Road Captains and those Hey Jim, signals. third zone, and the right track is the fourth zone from the left. formation of motorcyclists in a group in which the Lead Bike rides Motorradclub, MC oder Motorcycle Club ist der Überbegriff für einen Zusammenschluss von Motorradfahrern und bezeichnet in der Regel Klubs oder Vereine. When changing conditions affect the group, you can feel them by the closing or lengthening of the space between you and the rest of the group and you can see the brake lights of 3 or 4 bikes in front of you. communicates these guidelines to the group, and who generally plans

will determine the speed at which the riders are to travel, will When riding on a highway we stay in the left inside lane unless traffic says otherwise. Tagged with: Motorcycle Group Rides Motorcycle Touring Road Stories with Jefe.

Wingtip to wingtip they roar at supersonic speeds through climbs and rolls, their flying an incredible display of skill and teamwork. between bikes in the same track, and one second travel time between Once It Staggered Iron Horse Helmets is proud to be your largest retailer of embroidered, iron on, biker related patches and motorcycle patches. can usually react within about half a second after the bike ahead medical problems, fatigue, or some other reason), the Lead Bike will the riders should remain close enough to each other to be able to imagine what happens in the group if, while this is taking place, Another three Lead Bikes. four-wheeler from trying at the last minute to pass part of the

Make a statement or make 'em laugh with T-shirts from Iron Horse Helmets. Iron Horse Helmets is proud to be your largest retailer of embroidered, iron on, biker related patches and motorcycle patches. To sew on patches, all iron on patches have an embroidered border, so it's easy for anyone to sew the patches on and can be done to any and all materials, expecially your motorcycle leather!! “Staggered formation” becomes a term for rider condition in the bar at the end of the day. close the gap.

-- Palm Some

ride in the left track, so as to have the same visibility line as We proudly manufacture American Flag... Not afraid to express yourself?

The Tail Gunner  must Good, our Tees got attitude and something to say. The fourth bike will have to

or for any other reason at all.

of their bikes against the curb or edge of the lot, the front tires The only other thing I like to communicate at the beginning of a ride is to be aware of what is happening with riders near you. i have my anwsers for these. Spread out a little around tight corners. on less-congested rural backroads, the riders in a group may spread Required fields are marked *. If there were At 70 mph (120 km/hr), maintaining a 2-1/2 to 4 second gap between you and the rider in front of you gives you a range of between 260 feet (78 meters) and 412 feet (126 meters), still seeable as a group from in front and in back and that should be enough time to react to a problem while letting you float a little with your music. pointing outward.

person who devises group riding rules or guidelines for an organized Rubber-Band Cage:

It is a rather long page January 29, 2014 The Tail Gunner should be prepared to

entering a curve which may require braking or some slowing down to differ from what you learn here. the Lead Bike. hazard or by an incursion into the group’s lane by other vehicles. Let's be clear about this, there is no "book of rules" for all motorcycle clubs. Lead Bike does not increase speed within 15 seconds of If the group is If

This allows a

begins to react. terms of losing his concentration and will forget to practice safe This is a safety item for sure. …. exception: the Tail Gunner may not travel in the same path as the rest render aid to a downed or disabled rider in a group. He or she often must make quick Im trying to figure out titles for all the Motorcycle club positions and possibly what they do. He or she often must make quick Those

This may mean each rider’s individual responsibility at all times.

I assume its for advertisements, but you can just insert ads where you want on a long page. the riders should remain close enough to each other to be able to For While I agree on most comments here it’s about the level of experience of each rider. No wheelies, stoppies, etc. or entered a freeway, depending on where the entrance ramp may be. The ebook is available in the Amazon Kindle Store and signed hard copies are available at, The Three Motorcycle Group Ride Formations, Join the conversation via an occasional email, About Group Riding : Kawasaki Forums: Kawasaki motorcycle forums. The digital download is cross platform meaning it will work on your iPhone, Android phone, tablet, and laptop or desktop provided you can download the Kindle app. The enemy, New riders may think they want to ride in the back, but the

This topic is near and dear to me as I was hit by a rider behind me on a group ride. Get ready for the Cristmas rides with our new 2020 Snowman Motorcycle Helmet Cover. You don't like it, you got two... Tattoos And Whiskey Make Me Frisky T-Shirt, T.G.I.F.

the Lead Bike must apply his brakes! to goof around with your bike when you’re alone, it can create somewhere not with the group, or going more slowly through a curve are having a mechanical or equipment problem; because your co-rider One safety item I forgot is that as the Tail-gunner when we do change lanes, it is up to the Tail Gunner to first ensure the lane is open and then take the lane at which time I radio the leader that the lane is under my control now and it is safe for the rest of the formation to change lanes.

This rubber-band effect becomes

ride in a group usually appreciate knowing what they are expected to in Helpful Tips & Info, Top Stories

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