An older version of Kris's attack animation is present as spr_krisb_attack_old; its first frame was removed in the final version. Content marked with an asterisk (*) is not confirmed. the used version (which removed a space, added a 。, and slightly changed some text): Additionally, the spell Heal Prayer has behavior defined for the overworld, where it will heal a party member by 100 HP – in the final game, TP is set to 0 at the end of a battle, making it impossible to cast spells in the overworld and thus leaving this behavior unused.

If you are going the peaceful route, the Amber Card is best.

TP was not going to be discarded after a battle, and could be restored at SAVE points. This page was last edited on 20 December 2018, at 19:13. Also from Undertale. hope it was informative for you!

Below is a full list of the used prefixes: Variable names within allcaps objects also follow this convention, mostly being in allcaps as well, in addition to sometimes utilizing slightly more verbose terminology. The battle is also fairly difficult; all of Jevil's attacks have a large amount of projectiles that are fast-moving and/or have complex trajectories. After going down a long flight of stairs, you will reach a SAVE file and be able to talk to the Jevil. Berdly facing downwards (standing/talking); he does not face downwards at any point in Chapter 1. ), After retrieving the three Broken Keys, the protagonists take them to the Smith, who combines the parts into a single key, noting it has an "evil energy". An early sketch of the beach area room_beach exists, in the same style as the unused Lab and Undyne's Room sketches from the previous game. This section'll be removed at some point in the near future, once things have settled down. Rude Sword does not take magic into account (despite the description), resulting in lower damage than Rude Buster. Areas with enemies will have a red and cyan box to the upper-left and lower-right of your character. Furthermore, since Ralsei stops blushing as soon as you move, the full versions of the other blushing walking sprites are left unused. An echoing text sound for Toriel, used in a cut part of CONTACT immediately before Kris wakes up.

They presumably represent the last times that the files were generated before release. Papyrus does not appear in Chapter 1 of Deltarune, and as such has no dialogue.

A static sprite of Susie with her head in her hand.

When talking to Jevil for the first time, he will explain that while it appears he is locked in a cell, he is actually the only free person, and that all others are the ones who are really locked away. This graphic had a single stray pixel to the left of the large spade removed in the 1.01 revision. It appears that if the player has survived for enough turns, regardless of how much they have tired Jevil, he may be able to be pacified at some point during phase 5 due to self-imposed tiring. Early, more diversely-coloured but less pretty versions of the trees that appear throughout the game. Note that according to the descriptions, it originally healed 60 HP instead of 40. The area with the dancers and stars (Forest near Bake Sale).

These are used as placeholders for the 'small' dialogue portraits used for Susie before the second K.Round fight. Upon defeating Jevil, you will be given either the JEVILSTAIL (armor; +2 Attack, +1 Defense, +2 Magic) if pacified, or the DEVILSKNIFE (weapon; +5 Attack, +4 Magic, Rude Buster: -10 TP cost) if defeated through violence. It appears wherever an English-language background sprite should be swapped for its Japanese equivalent (such as the Librarby, or Seam's shop).

The attacks he uses depend on how much health he has left or how tired he is, which is able to be split into 5 phases. Note that there are no unarmed variants of Susie's ready-to-spellcast, spellcasting, acting, defending, hurt, unconscious, or victory animations, all of which show Susie with her axe.

The main character for healing is Ralsei, as he can use Heal Prayer to heal without using food and has lower Attack than the other party members. The sprites suffixed by "dark" are twice the size (as is every sprite in the Dark Realm). This sprite is used for those objects (likely to make them easily-identifiable in the room editor). If you stand close to Ralsei on the overworld for a few seconds, he will start blushing. Also self-explanatory.

This is a non-exhaustive list, but as people are currently doing research, I thought it would be helpful to mark some of the dead-ends.

Despite the description and ability, this weapon does not actually increase the D$ earned from battles.

there is no confirmed number.

This game has unused text.

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