Its that stuff between the O2 generator and the flame that I am underwhelmed by. One of the symptoms of lower grade fuel is flickering or sputtering of the flame, this symptom can also be caused by air in the fuel cell which can be resolved by removing the air. [CDATA[\ndocument.addEventListener(\"DOMContentLoaded\", function () {\n CalculatorApp.init();\n });\n var CalculatorApp = {\n init: function () {\n this.bindEvents();\n this.updateSelectedMaterial();\n this.setInitialState();\n },\n bindEvents: function () {\n jQuery('#materialSelector').on('change', this.handlers.updateVolumeResult.bind(this));\n jQuery('#volumeCalculator').on('input', [jQuery('#radiusInput'), jQuery('#lengthInput')],\n this.handlers.updateVolumeResult.bind(this));\n jQuery('#poundsOfButaneInput').on('change', this.handlers.updateButaneCansResult.bind(\n this));\n },\n updateSelectedMaterial: function () {\n this.selectedMaterial = jQuery('input[name=\"materialSelect\"]:checked').val();\n jQuery('.materialName').each(function () {\n jQuery(this).text(CalculatorApp.materialNameToString(CalculatorApp\n .selectedMaterial));\n });\n jQuery('.materialSpecificGravity').each(function () {\n jQuery(this).text(CalculatorApp.constants.SPECIFIC_GRAVITIES[CalculatorApp\n .selectedMaterial]);\n });\n },\n setInitialState: function () {\n this.setButaneLbsColumn();\n this.handlers.updateVolumeResult();\n this.handlers.updateButaneCansResult();\n },\n setButaneLbsColumn: function () {\n jQuery('.butaneCanWeight').each(function (index) {\n jQuery(this).text(CalculatorApp.butaneCanWeightValues[index])\n });\n },\n materialNameToString: function (materialName) {\n if (materialName === 'isobutane') return 'ISO-Butane';\n return materialName.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + materialName.slice(1);\n },\n decimalPlaces: 3, \/\/ set the number of decimals you want in calculation results\n selectedMaterial: 'butane', \/\/ default state\n butaneCanWeightValues: [0.555, 0.396, 0.264, 0.198], \/\/ default state\n constants: {\n RECOMMENDED_CAPACITY: 0.8,\n POUNDS_PER_GRAM: 0.00220462,\n WEIGHT_OF_H2O: 0.036,\n SPECIFIC_GRAVITIES: {\n butane: 0.601, \/\/ at 70 deg F\n isobutane: 0.563, \/\/ at 60 deg F\n propane: 0.495 \/\/ at 70 deg F\n }\n },\n handlers: {\n updateVolumeResult: function () {\n CalculatorApp.updateSelectedMaterial();\n var radius = jQuery('#radiusInput').val();\n var length = jQuery('#lengthInput').val();\n var volume = (Math.PI * radius ** 2) * length;\n jQuery('.volumeResult').each(function () {\n jQuery(this).val(volume.toFixed(CalculatorApp.decimalPlaces) + ' in³')\n });\n var capacity =\n volume *\n CalculatorApp.constants.WEIGHT_OF_H2O *\n CalculatorApp.constants.SPECIFIC_GRAVITIES[CalculatorApp.selectedMaterial];\n jQuery('#capacityResult').val(capacity.toFixed(CalculatorApp.decimalPlaces));\n jQuery('#recommendedCapacity').val(\n (capacity * CalculatorApp.constants.RECOMMENDED_CAPACITY)\n .toFixed(CalculatorApp.decimalPlaces)\n );\n var densityValues = jQuery('#packingDensityValues')\n .siblings()\n .map(function () {\n return jQuery(this).text();\n });\n CalculatorApp.handlers.updateCapacityByDensityResults(volume, densityValues);\n },\n updateCapacityByDensityResults: function (volume, densityValues) {\n jQuery('#gramsOfMaterialValues')\n .siblings()\n .each(function (index) {\n jQuery(this).text(\n (parseFloat(densityValues[index]) * volume)\n .toFixed(CalculatorApp.decimalPlaces)\n );\n });\n jQuery('#lbsOfMaterialValues')\n .siblings()\n .each(function (index) {\n jQuery(this).text(\n (parseFloat(densityValues[index]) * volume * CalculatorApp.constants\n .POUNDS_PER_GRAM)\n .toFixed(CalculatorApp.decimalPlaces)\n );\n });\n },\n updateButaneCansResult: function () {\n var poundsOfButane = jQuery('#poundsOfButaneInput').val();\n jQuery('.numberOfCans').each(function (index) {\n jQuery(this).text(\n (poundsOfButane \/ CalculatorApp.butaneCanWeightValues[index])\n .toFixed(CalculatorApp.decimalPlaces)\n );\n });\n }\n }\n };\n var acc = document.getElementsByClassName(\"accordion\");\n var i;\n for (i = 0; i \u003c acc.length; i++) {\n acc[i].onclick = function () {\n this.classList.toggle(\"active\");\n var panel = this.nextElementSibling;\n if ( {\n = null;\n } else {\n = panel.scrollHeight + \"px\";\n }\n }\n }\n\/\/ ]]\u003e\u003c\/script\u003e\n\u003c\/div\u003e\n\u003c\/div\u003e"}.

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