I think people assume that because the internet contains a huge sum of information there is no need to go read a book. All rights reserved. I agree with your post completely. Poetry is as old as the human need to communicate and enriches human consciousness, Gioia said in an address at the National Press Club April 20. endobj Dana Gioia discusses the importance and decline of literature in his essay Why Literature Matters. News. Gioia also claims that there are serious problems and effects on society that come with this decrease in interest of literature. I’m not really sure if reading is the issue here. “Words are misused, they’re inflated, they’re forgotten,” he said. If our literacy rate declines, we will lose our competitive edge in the world. He says, “Libraries, schools, and public agencies do noble work, but addressing the reading issue will require the leadership of politicians and the business community as well” (Gioia).

Along with all aspects in life, if one wants to excel in something they must practice it. I am a strong believer that reading is such an important component in one’s life. What is your response to Gioia’s belief that reading is essential to our nation’s intellectual, social, and financial success? As we get older books can strenghten our imagination and let us enter a magical world of fantasy (harry potter etc). of art and expression, writing allows us to express freely By lending his American readers' ears on the claims voiced by prominent figures, the author aims to show young readers how their growing dislike toward …

stream Thank you!! “I was the oldest kid in a big family that had no money.”, His favorite poet is Shakespeare, and he admires the work of Robert Frost and W.H. Gioia uses many persuasive techniques, such as evidence, jingoism, and diction, to try and persuade the reader that literature is important. This is a call to action by Gioia because he is directly saying to the politicians and businesses that they need to do more in helping the reading issue. : Essays on Poetry and American Culture, by Dana Gioia. !��#����-�}�.t7�X:��/�j���.�G�-�t��_�7�'���i����IV��47�!�j%�O���u�����?������3�u��:�� �\]��PK��m�����x�0\��L=.��Q}]�ċ�vf�$+�4��I����v�/���,o�E��_�����Ϻe�.���&[��W��ay�.�#~��a�7��?-��P�o� �s�]�Q�8�0���mY�@L;]l�;u��S~�MAc�5�R1k,�ySTTA�or�R��W��S���F��E��W�$����(��i�,��?�6Oj��J�jmO-p.��]Fբ1�$�A�-�8�%�����7AWTMͻ^�>�w��������ޫ�}��Ǿ���y�[��]��q�n�?4�(?�����n�����4���桩Q��Qf&ֶ ���[a7��F=��2�]��?�z�T��@���Tۆ�"-��,��;�C�mY.�+P��N��i��&L�����f�8��Rw���4�w4�����v˱O���q�Y� ��,�ʟ�L*",�F͹$�kըO��׵��,n���o�n�=���G`���i&E$��o�Ie11ͺh�YA7z��di���s@i^q���gPYDΧ��so���h�T���}c����͇7ނ�w��ݩ���lv�����\����o�X'ŮH�=���F�C'q�z@1�[+v����^���w�����]I0���;�e�(�ٴ�K�m�^����:����ow@����hc���!������@�Qì��M)Ē���-�ߖ+V�~��@Tc'�ڮs9-� Experience. In class this week, we read an essay by Dana Gioia showing the cause and effect relationship that exists between reading and the development of “advanced literacy.”(Gioia) On the edublog, I have placed a short video of Gioia speaking on the cumulative effects of a declining reading rate in our country. Our grandkids are going to have to speak fluent Mandarin :)Yeah, that’s right, I’m bringing emoticons to the edublog. Copyright © 2000-2020. I think reading is the core discpline. In 1780 Massachusetts patriot John Adams wrote to his wife, Abigail, outlining his vision of how American culture might evolve. This is mainly shown at the end of the article when Gioia calls on the politicians and businesses to help fight the literature problem. Originally published April 10, 2005. Television the internet and other forms of media have come to dominate much of peoples freetime. Persuasive Essay : Should We Eating The Planet, Chantell : A Short Summary : The Story Of A Slavery, Is School Is Bad For Children By John Holt Essay, Racism In Claudia Rankine's Citizen : An American Lyric ', Ineffectiveness Of The Criminal Justice System. The Trinity Forum, which promotes personal and cultural renewal, sponsored Gioia’s address. <> and openly and helps us grow. Against the downturn in American literary compassion which encompasses the reading industry in a negative fashion, in his article "Why literature matters", Dana Gioia has depicted reading as a core asset in any intellect-based society or civic spheres. Analysis Of Dana Gioia's 'Why Literature Matters', In “Why Literature Matters” the author, Dana Gioia, argues that literature is very important in today’s society. Why not try sites on the blogroll... "The Stranger in the Photo is Me" by Donald M. Murray, A Brief Guide to Writing an Evaluation Essay, Fishing and Regulation: Insuring Our Food Supply. "Strategies Gioia employs to support his argument include citation of compelling polls, reports made by You need to make your mind wander for an answer instead of getting that answer feed to you by a computer or TV show. While income rose to unforeseen levels, college attendance ballooned, and access to information increased enormously, the Posted on September 17, 2009. Kai can provide tips and support as you research and apply to colleges, and explore majors and careers. The classics will always be just that. Reading is essential to our nation’s intellectual, social, and financial success; however, reading by force would not help. 1 0 obj x��[�n�H�}/��!%@f�~Y���,�g۵,����$���6��h�h�r㒑��T�n�e13q�D���g���?���G�����{u����D��X}�}����Ta��"��$U_��O�D�z�>~��?}���Z�o2�����)���3+�r��a+x�ѷY? I do agree with you that critical think is a crucial part. College Confidential. Liked it here?

Explore which educational path will help you work toward your dream career. People today seem to have no time to read because they use their time for other things, a big one being the computer and internet.

I Yes. Such criticism has traditionally been at the center of literary culture.

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