Each move she flies to another free cell with foliage. Progress can also be linked to your Facebook account.

Go to the game settings by clicking on the settings icon on the main screen.

The Art Storefronts Organization has verified that this Art Seller has published information about the archival materials used to create their products in an effort to provide transparency to buyers.. Holding the object for several seconds, you will open its menu, with which you can: What is a daily bonus and how to get it? This will also let you unlock new areas and territories.

WILDSCAPES - Android game with release date 06/05/2019 from the company Playrix. If you do not have time to open the piggy bank before the end of the promotion, the diamonds accumulated the last time will already be in the piggy bank. Click here to see these beautifully-designed products. Diamonds give the game a bit more features.

The required number of levels is shown under each decoration at the store. Stars received for completing levels are counted in the Star Chest, from which you will receive additional coins and boosters. On cells with water, chips, bonuses, any other elements of the game can be placed. Take 15% off your ENTIRE order with code WELCOME15. Georgito

To send lives: Some of my friends are missing. Conveyor. You need to collect sun points to level up your zoo. These donuts can be removed using combinations of any chips made next to them, as well as using bonuses. Choose a new track in the store and set to any free space to your liking. Diamonds can be purchased in any quantity at the Bank using in-game purchases. How to play simultaneously on multiple devices? 4th floor, Red Oak North, South County Business Park, Leopardstown, Dublin 18 D18 X5K7, Ireland, Cookies help us deliver our services. Try to make combinations in the lower part of the field: chips falling from above can usually make several automatic combinations. You need to open a new area to unlock a tab. Build spacious enclosures for animals and make your zoo visitor-friendly with cafes, fountains, playgrounds, hangout spots, and more! It is recommended that you select a password that does not match the one used to unlock the device. When was the problem first noticed (after updating the game, reinstalling the game, etc.)? Follow the requests of visitors to the zoo. I can’t get through the level.

You can transfer game progress from the old device to the new one if you connect the new game to the same Facebook account that was used on the old device: Game progress will be rescheduled and you can continue the game on the new device. Popcorn. To protect yourself from accidental purchases in the game, you need to change the device settings. Cleans all cells vertically or horizontally depending on where it is directed. Your task is to complete as many levels as possible before the end of the competition period. Penny The maximum number of diamonds that one piggy bank can hold is indicated in the promotion window. If the cupcakes are decorated with cream and sweets, make 2 or 3 combinations next to them. How to use the Hammer booster? Try to make bonuses - with them the victory will be closer! Goals will be shown before the start of the level, and during the game the goal counter will be visible on the left. Use the Edit Mode menu to: Lay pathways in a different way.

Fill the progress bar with sun points to increase the amount of coins you get for beating match-3 levels. Welcome to Wildscapes! Click the "Contact us" button in the upper right corner of the window that appears. Redesign a beautiful old mansion solving puzzles along the way! What can I do for him?

You can remove such donuts with combinations of glaze color chips, as well as with the help of bonuses. It destroys chips or obstacles without wasting a turn, but it has a more powerful effect.


For the generator to work, the space under it needs to be freed from the chips, making a combination, activating the bonus or using the booster. Open Star Chests or Zoo Chests and complete animal families to get power-ups. A task from a visitor always appears in a cloud above him.

Raccoons. The booster will not appear on the field, but all the Tops created at the level will double at startup. Cooper

My game progress is gone. To change these settings, go to device settings -> App Store, iTunes Store -> Password Settings. It’s very easy to get them: combine the chips next to the fifth, use bonuses and boosters to remove paper layers from it. You need to beat match-3 levels in Wildscapes to earn coins that you can use to buy animals and decorations. Boosters can: 1. Unfortunately, at the moment you can’t buy coins: this is an in-game currency that can be obtained by performing various actions in the game. Please note that the new areas only unlock on certain levels. Diamonds that are sent to the piggy bank are designed specifically to fill it and do not affect the reward for actions performed in the game. To collect an umbrella in the level goal, you need to color each of its sectors in the color of the chips on the level, making combinations next to it. 2.

This event will help you complete difficult levels and advance faster in the game.

If you do not want to wait, then you can make up for diamonds or ask friends from them by clicking on the heart in the upper left corner of the screen.

4. A package of chips . Toys To get the toys, you need to carry them to the very bottom of the playing field - to the counter. How can I rearrange aviaries or decorations? Diamonds are a type of in-game currency. 1. Pizza. After what exactly did the progress disappear (reinstalling the game, changing the device, updating the system, etc.)? Santa Claus Mary

Cameo Bertha

Wildscapes transcends beyond the match-3 puzzle mechanics and makes matching 4 or 5 tiles as you play almost a necessity. In the window that appears, click Download. Tickets They are the goal of the level and are hidden under the chips and other elements on the field. This booster is available for purchase after the start of the level, as well as in bank offers.

Birdhouses are installed on the levels in order to collect the birds. Papa's Cupcakeria

– Bonus coins for beating match-3 levels.

Once a day at the entrance to the game you will see a window with gifts and you can receive bonuses by clicking Pick . Go to device settings -> General -> Restrictions. If you want to get more candy floss on the field, make combinations without destroying it: the floss will grow next to the generator or from the cage where it already exists. All levels of Wildscapes can be completed without spending real money. In each group, the three most active players who took 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will receive a reward of a mountain of diamonds! Jojo Match 4 Or 5 Tiles As Much As Possible. You can change your name at any time: What rewards can I get in the game? Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools.

How many stars you earn depends on how you play. Nick To collect all the ladybugs on the levels, you need to remove the foliage, blocking the ability of these moving targets to move. There’s no more space for decorations in the zoo. Mandi

If the decoration is missing, also check the store’s tab with the stored decorations. To open the chest, you need to earn stars for completing levels. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. A bonus can be endless lives and all kinds of boosters. Performing such tasks, you will receive the diamonds necessary for buying boosters and buying moves. 1. Marty How many times can I open a piggy bank? If you download another game to the device, the original game progress may be completely lost without the possibility of recovery. 2. A sequence of explosions or combinations created in one turn will release more birds. The engine may be curved; the cars are not always located in a line; Cars should be released one after another. Sarge Fan For each level you pass, you will get coins that you can spend on developing your zoo to make it unique! Papa Louie

Check to see if the missing object is behind any taller building. Candy floss machine. If you have completed a level, you will no longer be able to return to it.

Get unlimited lives as a part of your Daily Bonus or with some Bank offers. The Piggy Bank promotion is another way to buy diamonds profitably, and you don’t have to use it at all. You can install an object from the store from the store: find it on the tab and click on the. You can buy the Superhammer booster right during the passage of the level. Pinata. If you do not want to buy a piggy bank, just do not pay attention to the stock icon and you will not lose anything. Ivy To get more stars you need: If after winning the level you still have unused moves and bonuses on the field - all of them will be converted to points that will help you earn more stars.

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