Building a wooden house, a sauna or a summerhouse for the first time, it may seem that this is an intricate and complex process. However, with the help of professionals, manufacturing and construction stages can become even pleasant.

We introduce a shortened memory of wooden building processes that will help to evaluate the volume of works and terms.

1. We find out your wishes and desires.
2. The forthcoming project is assessed by our architect and engineer. Preliminary duration: 1–3 business days.
3. We offer a solution, consistent with your vision. Preliminary duration: 1–5 business days.
4. If you want to implement a project, we sign a contract of works, prepare a schedule of workflow and payments.
5. We select and coordinate materials with You. Preliminary duration: 1–3 business days.
6. We prepare and introduce to You a technical project. Preliminary duration: 1–5 business days, depends on size of the chosen building.
7. We start manufacturing works: at first we select the timber, then dry, plane, saw, paint/oil, pack it. Preliminary duration: 1–2 months.
8. Construction of a house. Preliminary duration: 1–4 months, depends on size of the chosen building.

Contact us and tell Your vision – we will offer the best solution for You.



process idea

If you are planning to build your dream house, do not limit yourself to one question - how much?

Ask yourself HOW?

Come visit us! Together we will discuss your vision, technology, processes.

Your given effort = saved time = Your/our opportunities

wooden house

After we discuss about all of the questions, the architect/engineer designs a proposal just for you!



creating the project

After we adapt the technology to your idea, the proposal is formed. It includes plans, facades, 3D visualizations.





The estimate is prepared according to the confirmed sketches

the contract is signed

After discussing all the technical, financial, production/assembling processes, the contract is signed.



choosing the wood

Round, classified, and marked wood is vrought to us from Lithuanian woods.

After thoroughly checking and soriting the logs according to their widht and length, the wood is sent to the machine.

Cut and picked wood is dried until it reaches 12% moisture.

dry cut wood

Dried wood is checked, marked, and after it is sorted, it is sent for production.



producing the house

The production manager starts production after analizing the technical project.

Produced timber are thoroughly checked and are sent to the packing station after they are marked.

connecting logs



Packed and numbered windows/doors.

doors and windows

Packed and numbered floor/roof elements, other details.

roof details

Packed and numbered timber are ready to be sent to the object.




hous construction



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