possible wooden house

After we discuss and agree on the technical details with the client, we begin the financial estimate.


connecting logs

Only the output of log walls – wall output m² and m³.


half of a wooden house

After geological surveys the foundation junction is chosen and calculated.


electricity points

Foundation plans include sewage and electrical points places.



After calculations of the building structures, the roof junction – RAFTER (m/unit) - and roofing (m²) are chosen.


roof load

All loads of openings, longer than 1,5 m, are calculated and checked.


house sector

Inner and outer nailings (m²), insulated roof parts (m²) are calculated.


floor calculations

According to the chosen floor junction, the floor covers are calculated.


décor detail calculations

The décor details, windshields, terrace are calculated.



Windows, inner doors are calculated.




Log wall – wall output m² and m³


Foundation according to the client or according to the chosen junction - m and m³


Rafter according to the chosen junction and roofing - m/unit and m²


Flooring according to the chosen floor junction and flooring type- m²


Windows/doors according to the project and client’s requests - unit/m²


Inner and outer ceiling nailing, roof insulation - m²


Décor details, windshields, terrace

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